Clean. Clean. Clean

If you will be planting in pots, now is a good time to start preparing your pots for your new plants.

Clean all pots, especially if there was a previous infection or some kind of chemical used.  Using soap and water is preferred, but at the very least, give your pots a good rinse.

If you are using terra cotta pots, be sure to soak them in water before planting.  The clay used to make terra cotta pots contains salt and if pots are not prepped properly a white ring may develop around the pot.  To prepare your clay pots, immerse the entire pot in water and leave it until it stops bubbling.  This should be done for all new terra cotta pots.  If you have an old pot that has a white ring around it, you can use steel wool to rub the white ring on the inside and out of the pot and then soak in water.  FYI - clay pots have better oxygen exchange than plastic pots.